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"I was in tears! It was so great to be able to watch and relive our special day."

for couples who want a natural and timeless approach

Simple Cinematography

My approach to capturing weddings is very relaxed and observational.  I use small silent cameras, no overbearing equipment, allowing me to blend in while capturing your day without interrupting it. 

Personal Storytelling 

Every couple is unique.  I believe every wedding film should embrace that uniqueness and reflect every couples relationship,  personalities and priorities. 

Timeless Films

I structure my films to tell a story of the day in the timeline that the day unfolds in. I edit my films to depict true colors, tones and light as my eye sees it.  I strive to preserve your memories and I want my films to stand the test of time and not a fleeting trend.  



I'm Sarah Smith, photographer turned filmmaker located  in the Quad Cities. 


I specialize in crafting emotive, story driven, love soaked wedding films that tell the story of the day as it unfolds.  My approach is very relaxed and observational. I want to respect the environment of your wedding day minimizing my footprint on the day, for both you and your guests.   


I truly believe that through my relaxed approach I am able to capture your memories, and create a lasting legacy film that will become the keepsake that you will treasure most from your special day. 


I'd love to hear all about your wedding and how I can help capture it.  So please don't hesitate to get in touch.  

                                                  Much Love, 


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