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Family Model Call 

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I am in the process of updating my website and I have a few projects in mind.  I am looking for a handful of model calls: maternity, newborn, and family.  For now I am going to be starting with the in-home family hybrid session of photo and film. 


I'm looking for a snuggly playful Quad Cities area family of five or less, with children ages 10 and under.  This will take place in your home so please keep that in mind.  Room options: family room, master bedroom, kitchen, play room, ex... rooms that give lots of natural light are what we are looking for.  In-home lighting can give off odd colors sometimes so we will be shutting them off and opening up the blinds to let all the sunlight shine in. 



The idea is a family lifestyle film capturing your family being you.  So think of a favorite in-home activity your family loves to do together.  Ideas could be reading books, crafting, playing a little game, this can be discussed in detail later.  


This session will probably take around two hours give or take pending children.  The time of day will be whenever your children are not napping and your home is lit with the best natural light.  I am a mom too so I get it.  Post breakfast pre lunchtime may be ideal.   Also, I would like to share I am fully vaccinated, I am all about sanitizing and I have no problem wearing a mask if you wish.  I want to keep everyone safe and healthy.  



I will be looking to fill this session during the beginning of February on a weekend.   


In return for being a model family you will receive an online gallery of high-resolution digital photographs where you will be able to choose 10 images to download.  You will be able to purchase extra images for a small fee.  You will also receive a digital download link of your film.  Films vary in length but are typically around 2-3 minutes in length. 


When it comes to family films it is a MUST that Dad is onboard and happy to participate.  If your partner is not comfortable with this project you are probably not a good fit.  So please talk it over with your significant other before you fully commit. 

I also ask that you share some of your photos and film on Facebook.  Just by sharing it truly helps small business extend their outreach so much.   



So their is a little difference between documentary and the lifestyle approach.  Documentary would be like if I were to pick up my camera right now and start filming your life. Look around what do you see? Are you are in sweat pants, mom bun, dishes overflowing the sink, mail across the table, and toys all over the house? I may be describing what I see right now lol but you get the point.  That's not the vibe for this project.  The lifestyle approach would be me picking up my camera and filming your family interacting and doing what you loves, while the house and everyone are looking their best.  I am looking for a family that would not mind dressing up.  Being the Model family, you will be responsible for providing your own wardrobe and it will need to meet a specific style and be preapproved.  I don’t want this to be hard or confusing so we will work together on the wardrobe.  Below are just a few examples I pulled from Pinterest, and I will send you a full vision board if we end up being a good fit. 

















If you are thinking this would be a good fit, please send me the following:

A few recent photos of your family along with a little description of who is who and children’s ages.  A few pictures of at least two rooms in your home with the best natural light. 

If we are a good fit, we can set up a time to talk and go over everything fully and we can start planning right away. 

Being a model family is a great opportunity but it is also a big commitment.  You will be required to sign a model release form, meaning your photos and film will be put on my website and social media accounts.  You will also need to fill out a small questionnaire that will help me create a storyboard of sorts for the session. 


Thank you for taking the time to apply.  I am looking forward to hearing from you! You can email me directly at 


Much Love,



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