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How I got started

My husband and I moved to Ashtabula County in 2014. It was there that I found a love for photography. As we explored around our new home I would pull out my old android phone and continuously snap photos. We would spend the weekends driving around from covered bridge to covered bridge, beach glass hunting, and hiking with our dogs. It was my father-in-law and mother-in-law that would look at the pictures I would upload to facebook after our adventures and could not get over I was taking them on my phone. When they visited that fall they asked me if I every thought about taking up photography, and honestly up until that very point I never did. I brushed it off for a bit but still continued to take photos of every eye catching flower and bird I would see on my phone. My husband kept asking me if I wanted a camera because he thought I could really do this, I would say "oh no, its just for fun". But he persisted and my mind started to change. He surprised me that year as we went Black Friday shopping with a stop at Best Buy and stood me in front of the cameras and sold me on a Nikon 3100. Now Morgan is my tech guy, he worked at Best Buy for many years beforehand and actually managed the camera department for some time. As I unboxed my Nikon 3100 that night and poped my kit lens on I quickly became overwhelmed with all the controls. I had never heard of aperture, shutter speed, or white balance. I kept that camera in auto mode for the longest time as I took so many photos. For Christmas that year my in-laws gave me a DVD box set on photography by National Geographic. After the new year I sat and watched every lesson a few times and really started to learn how to use my DSLR. From there I started taking some photos of my friends and their families. I messed around editing in the most basic program, Photoshop Elements. I eventual continued my education and took a few online courses from Iowa Community College in photography. I upgraded my camera, got a few lenses and jumped in head first into trying to start a business. I have grown so much from stomping around Ashtabula with my little android phone, and I have much to learn but I am all in! This little hobby of mine turned into a passion, and I just love what I do!

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